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10 Things My MacBook Does Better Than My Windows Desktop

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I recently made the switch to Mac after a lifetime of Windows. My MacBook Pro isn’t perfect, but in this video ,I discuss the top 10 things that it does better than my Windows machines. 

1. Hardware

The M1 MacBook Pro is the best built laptop I’ve ever used. Most Windows laptop have one really impressive component, but the keyboard, trackpad, speakers, and screen on my MacBook are the best I’ve ever seen in a laptop. 

2. Battery Life

Although Windows laptops have been getting better in recent years, in the past, it felt you could pick between battery life or performance. My netbook might have great battery life, but it couldn’t edit a video. My Alienware could, but it would only last an hour or two before the battery died. This new MacBook Pro has the best battery I’ve ever seen on a laptop, and it also has the best performance. 

3. Fan Noise

I’ve owned some very powerful Windows laptops in the past, but with that power came an outrageous cooling system. My Alienware would randomly spool up the fans to 100% while I was browsing the web, and it sounded like someone was vacuuming the floor in the room next door. 

99% of the time, my MacBook is 100% silent. Even with dual monitors plugged in and a ton of applications running, the laptop almost never spools up. The only time I can get the fans to turn on is during a video export, and even still, it is incredibly quiet. 

4. AirDrop

Getting photos or videos from your iPhone to a Windows computer is a nightmare. You have to plug it in via a USB 2.0 cable and hope that Windows recognizes it. If it does, you have to sort through 30 different randomly named files to find the photo you’re looking for. 

Apple devices can automatically recognize other Apple devices nearby and transfer files wirelessly via bluetooth and Wi-Fi. This feature alone makes it very difficult to go back to Windows. I never want to use another lightning cable for the rest of my life. 

5. Universal Clipboard

Apple devices with the same Apple ID that are on the same Wi-Fi network will automatically share the clip board. If you copy text, image, or file on your phone, laptop, or iPad, you can paste it on another device almost instantly. 

6. Handoff

Once again, if you own multiple Apple devices, Handoff makes jumping between each of them seamless. Have a website open on your phone? An icon shows up on your MacBook to jump to it. Did you accept a FaceTime call on your laptop? You can send it over to your phone. 

7. Sidecar

I’ve been using my iPad as a second monitor with my laptop for years now, but it was never seamless. It either used a cable or a specific app and a shared network. Your Apple computer can recognize a nearby iPhone or iPad and make it a second wireless monitor with a single click. 

8. iMessage

If your thumbs are tired from endless texting, you’ll love the ability to send and receive all of your texts on your computer. 

9. OS Navigation

Although it took a while for me to understand MacOS, I must admit, it’s a lot more intuitive than Windows. You can easily find everything in the “Finder,” whereas on Windows, it feels like you have to know where to hunt for certain types of files. 

Spotlight is a system-wide search feature that also makes navigating the OS far easier than Windows. 

10. Performance

The number one reason I feel comfortable switching to Apple is the performance of the new MacBook Pro. For the first time ever, this laptop truly feels like it’s capable of replacing my desktop. It’s certainly not as powerful as my Windows PC, but it’s 90% of the performance in a package that is 90% smaller and more convenient. 

After slowly learning about each of these 10 things, my Windows desktop feels extremely lacking to me now. If you’re a Windows user who is nervous about making the change, stay tuned because soon, I will make a video for Windows users to make the switch easier. 

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