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3 Filters This Photographer Brings to Every Shoot

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Filters can feel like unimportant and superfluous purchases at times, but they have the power to make a big difference. Some are necessities to get the shot you have in mind and others are stylistic choices. Here are three one photographer uses constantly.

I have used filters on my lenses from the first day I started after I was instructed to use one to protect the front element of my lens. However, over time I found need for them above and beyond the basics. The first filter I bought was a graduate neutral density filter to counter the contrast of sunrises and sunsets. However, the second time I needed one was far more niche.

I had photographed a car just for fun, and as a beginner often does, I was met with a result I wasn’t happy with. The reflections on the windows were highly distracting, but I shrugged it off. When I got my first press pass to photograph a motorsport event, this was a problem I wanted to solve and so I bought a CPL filter to cut the reflections out. This filter ended up being one of my staples and I have used it in all different brands of photography, from commercial to landscape.

What filters are always in your camera bag and why? Share your staple picks in the comment section below.

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