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5 Reasons I Miss My DSLR: A Rant

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Like it or not, mirrorless cameras have overtaken DSLRs as the cameras of choice for most photographers. As the major camera brands transition away from developing new DSLRs and focus on mirrorless technologies, there are still advantages to using a DSLR.

In this tongue-in-cheek video, I discuss five things that I miss about shooting with my DSLR. Don’t get me wrong, I am exceedingly happy with my mirrorless cameras and have no desire to go back, but there are always tradeoffs when changing gear. In the past, upgrading from one DSLR to another meant better autofocus, metering, and performance, but overall, the cameras were more or less the same. Mirrorless, in my opinion, is a completely different animal and has a few drawbacks worth noting. The biggest thing I miss about my DSLR is that I could use it for an entire day without thinking about batteries. I lived in blissful ignorance of battery life and barely ever changed batteries during a shoot. Now, I find myself carrying batteries and chargers everywhere I go, like some kind of crazed hoarder. Heat is another issue, and I don’t mean overheating. I am referring to the fact that the grip on a mirrorless camera becomes incredibly warm, especially if you are shooting outside on a hot day. My other rants include complaints about screen overload, ruggedness, and the iconic shutter sound we will never get back. I hope you enjoy this just-for-fun video.

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