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Optics manufacturer 7artisans has announced its latest lens, a 28mm F5.6 manual prime for Leica M-mount camera system.

7artisans says this lens was ‘born for street photography’ with the intention of ‘captur[ing] the decisive moment with hyperfocal focusing.’ the lens is constructed of just six elements in four groups, including one high-refractive element and two extra-low dispersion elements.

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The lens is rangefinder-coupled and features a unique infinity lock for securing the focus to infinity. It features both a clicked aperture ring and a focus ring with knurled grips. Other features include an aperture range of F5.6 through F22, a 35.5mm front filter thread, an eight-blade aperture diaphragm with a unique petal shape when stopped down and a 1m (3.3′) minimum focusing distance.

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It’s entirely constructed of metal and measures 38mm (1.5″) in diameter by 44mm (1.7″) long and weighs 130g (4.6oz).

7artisans has the 28mm F5.6 Leica M-mount lens listed on its website for $299. it will go on sale tomorrow, May 6, 2022.