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A Guide to Shooting Panoramic Photos

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A good panoramic image can be a real showstopper that catches the viewer’s eye and encourages them to get closer and examine every detail. There are some considerations and techniques you have to know before you create one, however. This excellent video tutorial will show you a few different ways to create panoramic photos as well as what you should be aware of while doing so. 

Coming to you from Mike Smith, this awesome video tutorial will show you a few different methods of shooting panoramic photos. If you are someone who likes to print their work, a nice panorama can be a fantastic centerpiece of a living room and is a great way to show off some of the work you are proud of. Probably the most common mistake I see newer photographers make when shooting them is not overlapping their shots enough. With digital, there is really no reason not to err on the side of caution and overshoot a bit, as this will help to ensure that your software is able to successfully stitch together the constituent exposures cleanly. Don’t be afraid to take a lot of shots. Check out the video above for the full rundown from Smith. 

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