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A Portrait Photographer’s Basic Editing Workflow

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As much as lighting, posing, composition, and settings matter for creating a good portrait image, they are only half of what it takes to create a successful final result. You also need a strong post-processing workflow. If you are new to portrait work, check out this great video tutorial that will show you a basic editing workflow for creating polished final images. 

Coming to you from Jiggie Alejandrino, this helpful video tutorial will show you a basic portrait editing workflow. As you will see, you can save a lot of time and effort on the back side of things if you do the proper preparation for a shoot, which is also why communication with your client before the shoot is so important. When it comes to the post-processing you do do, however, the key is to err on the side of doing less. Over-editing a portrait can lead to results that look overly artificial and plastic, so developing a discerning touch is crucial. Check out the video above for the full rundown from Alejandrino.

If you would like to continue learning about the art of portraiture, be sure to check out our range of tutorials on the subject in the Fstoppers store.

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