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Adobe brings Content-Aware Fill, Background Removal, and more to Photoshop for iPad

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Adobe has updated Photoshop for iPad with a collection of new and improved AI-powered editing features.

The first new feature in Photoshop for iPad is one we’ve been waiting for since its release in 2019, Content-Aware Fill. Just like its desktop counterpart, this feature will let you remove unwanted objects in a scene and automatically fill that space with image data created in context of the rest of the picture. To use it, select one of the many selection tools Photoshop for iPad offers and tap the Content-Aware Fill action under the Fill Tools icon within the menu.

Photoshop for iPad 2
Screencaptures of Adobe’s Content-Aware Fill feature in Photoshop for iPad. Click to enlarge.

Next up is the Remove Background feature. As its name suggests, this one-tap tool will cut out the main subject of an image and create a new layer so you can easily replace the background. The Remove Background tool can be found either under the lasso tool in the left-hand menu bar or under Quick Actions on the right-side properties panel.

Photoshop for iPad 3
Screencapture of Adobe’s Background Removal tool in Photoshop for iPad. Click to enlarge.

Adobe has also updated its Select Subject feature. Now, when when selecting a subject, Adobe’s AI technology will identify whether the subject is a person and take extra care to capture smaller details, such as wisps of hair or fine edges in clothing.

Photoshop for iPad 4
Screencapture of the improved Select Subject tool in Photoshop for iPad. Click to enlarge.

Other new and improved features include the addition of Auto Tone, Auto Color and Auto Contrast, as well as a font browser for more easily selecting the typefaces you want when adding text to an image. This gives you access to all 20,000+ Adobe Fonts and even has the option to add your own directly within the type tool. Additional minor improvements include the option to rename your cloud document while editing and on-demand cloud document sync.

Photoshop for iPad 5
Screencapture of the new Auto adjustment tools in Photoshop for iPad. Click to enlarge.

You can find out more about these updates on Adobe’s blog. Photoshop for iPad can be downloaded in the iOS App Store. A compatible Creative Cloud subscription is required to sign in and use it.

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