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Amazon Photos Storage Review

Review of Amazon Photos Storage

Amazon has been around since July 5th 1994 with its online book store which should give everyone the security that they are in the business for a long time and it will stay that way but it took until March 29th 2011 before they launched its first storage solution that we know today as the Amazon Photo Storage

What is Amazon Photos?

Amazon Photos is a cloud media file {photos and videos} storage and management service provided by Amazon to Prime account membership users. Therefore, if you don’t have you need to upgrade your account to Prime membership to use the Amazon Photos service. In fact, if you subscribe to Prime membership and get free delivery for some product if you purchase Amazon.com on the same day.

Nevertheless, you can also decide to take advantage of the Amazon Photos promotion and get a $15 Amazon credit when you back up your photos with Amazon Photos. However, this promotion is only eligible to prime customers who upload a photo for the first time to the Amazon Photos app.

Well, there are many reasons why Amazon Photos is one of the best cloud storage option compared to other platforms. Below is a detailed review of Amazon Photos depending on the different aspects that make it the best.

1.Amazon Photos Price

Amazon Photos is a free service for Prime users which gives you unlimited media file storage privilege. However, to access this service you must upgrade your Amazon account to Prime membership by paying £7.99 / $12.99 monthly or $119 for a year. It is free within the terms of your subscription to the Prime membership account. With a regular Prime membership account,
Amazon Photos give you a free 5 GB media file including unlimited full-resolution storage.

If you want to expand your storage you can backup photos using Amazon Drive which comes with flexible monthly and annual plans starting at $1.99/month and $19.99/annually for 100GB.

But if you are photo enthusiasts or using Amazon Photos for professional storage, you may opt for 1TB storage which costs $6.99 per month, or $59.99 when paid annually. Or, a 2TB storage plan at $11.99 per month and $119.98 billed every year. The largest plan will cost you $1,799.70 per year which gives 30TB of Amazon Drive cloud storage.

2. Amazon Photos Features

Amazon Photos service is integrated with a plethora of features that make it unique to stand out among its competitors in the market. Besides, it is versatile and reliable because of the following reasons:

Providers a User-Friendly Interface {Lightweight UI}

You can access Amazon Photos using your PC, iOS, and Android devices anywhere and anytime you want via the Amazon Photos app or web. This allows you to connect and access your media files remotely. Nevertheless, it provides a lightweight UI that is friendly to novice users and thus giving them an easy time navigating through the dashboard to set up, upload, download, and sync {auto-save) their media files.

You can easily sort photos into location, date uploaded, albums, keywords, family, etc, and share them through your email, WhatsApp, iMessage, Facebook, and Twitter. Besides, Amazon Photos comes with an inbuilt text messenger tab that allows you to share and tag media files with other Amazon Photos users via a link interface. Sorting your photo into galleries as mentioned above, gives you quick access to them by using the search engine bar integrated into the Amazon Photos dashboard. In addition, you can also cast Amazon Photos on Fire TV and Echo Show by customizing it with the Alexa app on your smartphone and Fire TV screensaver.

Auto-Save Option

It is worth noting that Amazon Photos does not automatically sync your media file. Instead, you can manually enable the Auto-save button in Settings from your device to automatically sync your media files. Or manually select the media files you want to sync.

Unlimited Full-Resolution Storage

This is where Amazon Photos beats its competitors in the market as it allows its users to upload unlimited full-resolution media files regardless of size including RAW files and 1080p videos. This is a big win for photographers or enthusiasts who wants to archive their raw media files for future professional use or reference. However, due to limited storage (5GB) for videos and photos, regular Prime users, cannot use Amazon Photos for professional business.

Amazon Photos Family Vault

Amazon Photos Family Vault is also another aspect that makes Amazon Photos unbeatable in the cloud storage platform. With the family vault feature, it enables Amazon Prime users to share their images with their household family members. Simply, send an invite to 5 of your household family members via email or SMS to create a Family Vault. Once they accept the invite they can access the Family Vault. In other, word family vault acts as a communal folder for household members. Therefore, you can select a photo (s) from your private photo library and add it to the Family Vault for household members to access.

Displays Metadata

Amazon Photos can provide a deeper list of EXIF data (metadata) of your media files to help you find more details about the device used or when and where the media file was taken. These include; the shutter speed and aperture, the date and time the photo was taken, the file name, file size, resolution, and the camera name. To display metadata of your media file, just click the little (i) icon located in the top right of the dashboard.

Unlimited Order prints

You can order prints from Amazon Photos; hence, you can consider it a one-stop shop where you can purchase prints for home décor, customer gifts, calendars, books, mugs, mousepads, etc. Nonetheless, it provides more robust prints and photo gifts than Google Photos.

Amazon Photos Security

Amazon Photos secures your media files against third-party access from bad actors or nefarious individuals by shielding their servers using encryption protocols. The encryption protocol used by Amazon Photos is the same as Amazon.com uses. That is to say, they employ AES 256-bit encryption, 2FA, and SE (Amazon Simple Storage Service) which is commonly used by businesses or governments to keep data off unwanted criminals.

Amazon Photos Customer Support

When it comes to customer support, Amazon Photos is fair because it provides automated support, instead of a dedicated user support department. Therefore, if you want to resolve issues, we recommend visiting Amazon Drive and Amazon Photos user forum/community which is their centralized help center. You can also use its search function to find solutions relating to your issuers, but the answers are a little vague. Moreover, you can also seek solutions through its FAQ page and help chatbox. If you want to make a phone call, you must schedule with Amazon customer support making it unreliable during emergencies. Worse case try Twitter.

How to use Amazon Photos

1. How to Upload Photos on Amazon Photos

To use the Amazon Photos app on your iOS or Android device follow the guide below;

• Open the Amazon Photos app.

• Sign in to Amazon Photos using your Amazon account details if you have not signed in.

• Navigate to the More button (…) and tap Upload Photo and Videos.

• Then tap the Camera Roll.

• Select the media file you want to upload.

• When you have finished selecting, confirm and then navigate to the top-right corner of the screen and tap upload.

• After uploading your media files, go to setting and turn on the Auto-Save button for Amazon Photos to auto-sync your media files.

If your Amazon Photos not uploading your media files, make sure you upload the correct files type and it does not contain any symbols or letters because they are not allowed.

2. How to Cancel Amazon Photos Account

To delete or cancel the Amazon Photos account, simply go to Your Storage, click on Cancel my plan and choose End your plan or Turn off the auto-renewal.

3. How to Delete/Remove all photos from Amazon Photos

To remove or delete all photos from Amazon Photos; Open Amazon Photos click>Trash icon, select all photos, click> Permanently Delete button located at the top of the screen, and then confirm by selecting Delete.

4. How to Transfer Photos from Google Photos to Amazon Photos

If you want to transfer photos to Amazon Photos; Open Google Photos and sign in, tap on Photos, and long-press any photo until the hollow circle appears. Then tap on the hollow circle until it turns into a blue checkmark and continue to select the photos you want to transfer. After you have finished selecting, tap the more vertical dots located in the upper right-hand corner, tap “Save to Device’ and then select Amazon Photos.

5. How to Transfer Amazon Photos to iCloud

If you want to transfer your Amazon Photos to iCloud, you must download your photos from Amazon Photos to your smartphone, tablet, or computer and then copy them to iCloud.

6. How to Download all Photos from Amazon Photos

To download photos from Amazon Photos, simply open the Amazon Photos app then;

• Long-press any photo until a checkmark appears.

• Tap on the checkmark at the top to select all photos.

• Then tap the Menu icon at the bottom if it is iOS or at the top right if it is Android.

• Tap download

iCloud vs Amazon Photos

Comparing Amazon Photos to iCloud, Amazon Photos is a solid backup option than iCloud because of the following reasons;

• It offers unlimited storage to iCloud which offers low free storage.

Amazon Photos is supported by all devices including iOS, Android, Tablets, and PC. Contrarily iCloud is limited to iOS, macOS, and iPadOS devices.

• Amazon supports unlimited full-resolution media files while iCloud saves media files in the HEIF and HEVC formats by default. This makes iCloud media files limited to view on iOS, macOS, and iPadOS devices.

Amazon Photos UI is lightweight making it simple and easy to use than iCloud.

Google Photos vs Amazon Photos

Both Amazon Photos and Google Photos are formidable cloud storage platforms as they provide a plethora of features that can either be a win or lose against each other.

• Both Google and Amazon Photos offer advanced search, share, and organization features, but Google Photo lacks Family Vault.

Amazon Photos provides more robust prints and photo gifts than Google Photos.

• Both platforms can support video storage at 1080p, but Google Photos can scale down RAW media files that are larger than 16 MP to JPEGs. This gives Amazon Photos a win as it provides unlimited full-resolution storage.

Amazon Photos offers limited storage compared to Google Photos which offers 15GB for free to its users.

• Both Amazon Photos and Google Photos can be accessed through any device operating system.

Amazon Photos FAQ

Are Amazon Photos shared automatically in a household?
Yes, provided they have accepted to invite link they have automatically added to the Family Vault, and thus any photo you add to the Family vault will automatically be added to the household.
Is Amazon Photos free?
Yes, Amazon Photos is free to use but is only accessible to Prime membership account users.

Amazon Photos the Conclusion

Amazon Photos is the best cloud storage platform that other because it is available on all devices which gives it the upper hand dominance over others. Nevertheless, it comes with a plethora of features with unlimited full-resolution storage that allows you to store RAW files for future reference and professional use.

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