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Are Vintage Digital Cameras the Biggest New Photography Trend?

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Digital camera technology has reached a point where even our phones can produce images that can be mistaken for a “real camera” to the untrained eye. Photographers have never had more affordable access to image-making tools that can produce crisp, high-resolution images, rivaling those of professional gear from not very long ago. So, why then have objectively inferior vintage digital cameras been making a sudden comeback? 

Vigorous discussions can be found online regarding the specific niche characteristics of older CCD sensors found in low-resolution digital cameras dating back to the late 1990s. Many claim these early models, most of which predate 2010, have a more “filmic” quality than those found in modern offerings. There is a fast-growing community of digicam enthusiasts who are either film photographers looking for a less expensive option or those who have grown tired of the sometimes too perfect and clinical look produced by more modern gear. Ali of the YouTube channel One Month Two Cameras has quickly developed a dedicated following as she religiously tests a variety of vintage digital cameras such as the famed Leica M8, alongside less lauded gems as the Olympus E-1 and the quirky DXO One.

If you’re interested in getting into (or back into) older digital cameras, then look no further than this video. Ali breaks down in great detail how to find the camera that will suit your needs and then gives you advice on getting the best out of the images during post-processing. 

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