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Canon Back to Their Best? A Look at the Canon R5 C

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After a long period of mediocrity where Canon sat in the dead zone between going all-in on mirrorless and staying with DSLRs, Canon is back to producing superb cameras. Is this one of their best?

The Canon EOS R5 C is a mirrorless body that aims to be the ultimate hybrid camera. Not only is it a superb stills body with a 45-megapixel full frame sensor, but it also has 8K video and 12-bit raw. It is being regarded as something of a mix between the revered Canon R5 and the Canon C70 cinema body. The pricepoint of the R5 C more or less splits the difference between both cameras too.

It is undoubtedly an expensive camera — there’s no getting away from that — but it also depends on what you will use it for. If you shoot cinematography and high-grade video, but also shoot high-end stills photography, this camera could, at least in principle, save you money. The R5 C clearly has its feet in both camps, but to a degree where you are sacrificing very little of either. As Gerald Undone says in this video, no camera is perfect, but this is the closest Canon has ever come. With regards to a hybrid body, it’s hard to contest this point.

Are you interested in the R5 C? What features are most desirable do you think?

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