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Did You Own This Classic Camera?

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With specifications and features that look quite pedestrian by today’s standards, the Canon 5D Classic might not seem like it deserves much attention nowadays, but it was a revolutionary camera for its time and well worth a second look in 2022. This fun video takes a look at the famous camera and gives 10 reasons why it was such an important body.

Coming to you from Robin Wong, this neat video takes a look at the Canon 5D Classic. Originally released in October 2005, the 5D Classic is almost two decades old now, but it was one of the most important consumer cameras in history. At a time when serious digital photography was still in its infancy, the 5D Classic was the first full frame DSLR in a standard configuration (without a built-in grip), and at $3,299, it was quite affordable compared to other options. It brought with it a 12.8-megapixel sensor, ISO range of 100-1,600, 9 autofocus points (plus 6 assist points), and a continuous burst rate of up to 3 fps. Though those specs might not seem like much today, to have those in a consumer camera with a full frame sensor was pretty incredible, and a lot of careers were built with the 5D Classic. Check out the video above for the full rundown from Wong. 

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