Let’s face it – when it comes to photography we all need to start somewhere. Luckily for our new photo cadets, Drill Sergeant Chris Niccolls is here to whip them into a lean, mean, photo-taking machine *cough* well-rounded photographer. Covering topics such as auto ISO, JPEG vs Raw, back button focus, and circular polarizers, cadets will be on their way to taking better photos faster than we can debate whether your lens is sharper than a bowling ball made out of butter.

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Auto ISO

@dpreviewtv Send this to a friend that needs Auto ISO in their lives. For everyone using Auto ISO what camera are you using and what’s your minimum and maximum range?

JPEG vs Raw

@dpreviewtv Drill Sergeant Chris is back to cover the basics of shooting JPEG vs Raw

Back Button Focus

@dpreviewtv Do you back button focus?

Circular Polarizers

@dpreviewtv Cadet say circular polarizers with us. Drill Sergeant Chris Niccolls is back to give us some basic training on how to properly use these filters.

Also, by popular demand (and thanks to the Panasonic GH6’s 4X3 ‘open gate’ recording) we are now releasing the latest episodes in two aspect ratios, widescreen on YouTube and vertical on TikTok and Instagram!

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