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Dropbox Photo Storage Review

Review of Dropbox’s Photo Storage

MIT Students Drew Houston and Arash Ferdowsi developed Dropbox in 2007 with investment from Y Combinator. Dropbox came onto the photo storage scene back on September 11th 2008 and offered increased storage to any referring a friend, this made their storage solution go viral.

When it comes to selecting a photo storage platform, then going for the one that has been in the market for a long time is an ideal. An example of this platform that has stood out among the completion is Dropbox. It has been consistent in adding new features that help the customer to have the best platform that will serve them at the point of their requirement or needs.

Because of the commitment to providing the awesome services, they are still one the best out there, with plenty of offers and the ability to integrate with other tools and other features. Here in this post, we will cover the Dropbox photo storage review, from the features it has to other helpful information that can help you know if it’s for you.

What is Dropbox?

Dropbox is cloud storage that has the most extensive storage services. It has millions of users and billions of files stored. It also has features that can help in terms of creativity and photography. If you open the free account, you will get a storage space of 2GB, but if you need more space, you will have to opt for their plans. They have affordable plans that you can use. For instance, with a few dollars, you will be able to get a terabyte of storage space.

The platform has excellent features when it comes to storing photos. For instance, it has an auto-uploading feature that can help you to back up or upload your photos as soon you take them. This feature works for mobile devices, computers, or cameras; therefore, you will not have to worry about uploading or backing up your photos with this platform.

If you want to edit your photos before you upload them, you are also covered here; what you will have to do is synchronizes your photos file management system with the platform, and once you edit them, they there will be automatically synced to the cloud and save you the time that you could have sped to upload the photos.

Dropbox Features Overview?

Dropbox is one of the online photo storage platforms that comes with many features that can help you a lot when it comes to image storage and management. Now let’s look at the features this platform poses.

1. Virtual workstation

It is one of the features that can help you and your teams to have a virtual working space where you can have log meetings, share files, and create projects in one space. With this feature through the file management tool, the user can create folders using a given hashtag, and every member in the workstation can work on that folder by sharing images, editing, and performing other functionality.

2. File sharing

One of the features that provide you with functionality with this cloud storage platform is file sharing. If you are looking for a storage platform that will also have much functionality for file sharing, then Dropbox is one of those options. With Dropbox, you will be able to share your file or folder from the web interface, desktop application, or mobile app.

You can generate a sharing link and invite the other member to use it to share a file or folder. You can also set the rules on the files if you want the other members to edit the file or set it as a read-only file.

You can use this tool for business or professional purposes because their additional feature will help you share files seamlessly and have additional features on how the other members can do or interact with the files or folders.

You can connect with the desktop application or web interfaces like Slack, Trello, Zoom, Gmail, WhatsApp, Microsoft Teams, Outlook, etc. Here are other features of file sharing that you will get on this platform

• Link sharing

• Generating link password

• Folder sharing

• Folder permission

• Upload links

• Link download limits.

3. Dropbox File Syncing

Dropbox photo storage also it is excellent at file synchronization. In terms of file syncing, the platform offers you two major features smart sync and selective sync. For the selective sync, you can choose the folder you want to sync with your Dropbox account, while the smart sync allows you to sync what is on your local device to what is on your cloud storage.

These features help you access your files or photos on the cloud or the local device; however, you can do away with the replica folder or file in your local machine. Through the sync management, here are other the things that you can do;

• Sync folder

• Block-level Sync

• Selective Sync

• Bandwidth Management

• Any folder sync.

4. Dropbox Security

When it comes to cloud storage, security is one of the major features you could not afford to sacrifice. You have to be sure if your photos or business photos are safe. With this requirement in mind, the Dropbox photo storage platform guarantees you high security to make your photos or other files secure; however, it lags if you compare it with other available providers.

The platform misses the zero-knowledge encryption feature, which allows access to the third part, which might expose your files.

Note that the security weakness mostly results from allowing the integration of other third-party tools or services that can help you manage the files on the platform. But they use two-factor authentication, AES 256-bit, and AES 128-bit encryption to protect your data.

Other security features include

• At rest encryption

• In transit encryption

• Encryption protocol

• Secure server location

5. Dropbox Productivity

If you are looking for cloud storage that would increase or post your productivity, Dropbox is one ideal platform. It has features or functionality that can help your photography business. Here are the features that will aid your productivity;

• File preview

• Editing file

• In-app collaboration

• Office offline

• Notes app

• Access to third-party tools like Google Docs

• Delete file retention

• Media playback

• Versioning

• Mobile apps and many others.

6. Dropbox Support

Support is another thing that you will have to check if you want to determine whether you want to use given online photo storage or not. When it comes to supporting, then with Dropbox, you have nothing to worry about. The company is much better, and they will not disappoint you.

Their customer service is available 24/7, and there are various ways that you can get their help. For example, you can have direct support if you use the live chat to get an immediate response. The other support services include:

• Telephone support

• Email support

• User forum

• Knowledge base

or even on Twitter

7. Dropbox Pricing

When it comes to their plan’s price, they are fair. For the free account, you will be able to get Cloud storage of 2GB, but it is one user account. There are other plans that you will get a few dollars; some of these premium plans include:

• Dropbox plus offers you a space of up to 2000 GB

• Dropbox family offers you a space of up to 2000 GB

• Dropbox profession, which offers you a space of up to 3000 GB

The plus plan is intended for a single user, while the family plan allows six users. The storage space available in these packages is much better than other comparative photos online storage platforms.

8. Dropbox – Cross-platform compatibility

Despite the platform that you find your favorite to use with the platform, you will be able to work with on through a mobile device, your computer, or via the web interface. However, the application interface appears different either on the desktop app, mobile phone, or web interface through the browser. The interface looks like this, and you will not find a problem with using the application.

9. Dropbox – Easy to use

Though the platform has been evolving for a long time, it is still an easy platform that you can use even if you are not tech-savvy. The registration process is simple, and even managing your files on the platform is very easy because you initiate the functionality with just a click of a button.

10. Dropbox Speed

Speed is an important aspect of selecting which photo storage platform you can use. Dropbox’s speed is very good, and you can download or upload the files at an extremely high speed. Here if your internet is good, you will not have any problem uploading or downloading files from the platform.

Dropbox the Conclusion

The above is a Dropbox photo storage review, and hopeful you have learned a lot from it. Note that Dropbox is one of the pioneers of the cloud storage platform, and many other comparative options you see on the market were built on the foundation of Dropbox. With this in mind, do you say Dropbox is the best? The answer can be yes or no based on your preference and needs.

However, overall, it stands up in terms of performance, speed, and usability. It is down in terms of privacy, and other competitors have taken the lead in this area. Therefore, choosing Dropbox will entirely depend on your choice since its drawback is opening the door to allow the platform to integrate with other tools that can provide you with more functionality.

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