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Flickr Photos Storage Review

Review of Flickr Photos Storage

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Flickr was founded in Canada and headquartered in the US and started out as a hosting provider for professional and amateur photographers, Flickr was acquired by Yahoo on March 20th 2005, then fast forward to June 13th 2017 Verizon acquired Yahoo and later placed Flickr under the OATH brand.

On April 20th 2018 SmugMug acquired Flickr

Flickr came on to the photo storage scene back on the 10th of February 2004, a later starter by comparison to the legacy photo storage providers out there like iDrive who started in 1994.

For as long as I can remember, Flickr has provided two sorts of accounts: free and paid. Until January 7, 2019, free accounts had a maximum of 1 TB of storage space available.

There are several web-based cloud storage platforms you can rely on, but which one is the best option for your needs? Well, the best option on our list is Flickr Photos Storage, and below is a detailed review of why you should consider using it.

Smartphones and cameras have evolved and come with many features to help people capture high-resolution images and videos, unlike in the past. However, storing these images and videos is a major problem because they require unlimited storage space.

For unlimited storage space, many photo enthusiasts consider keeping their photos and videos in cloud storage which is online web-based storage. That’s because it is a permanent storage device, reliable, and can be accessed anywhere and anytime through any device, unlike using our device storage. Secondly, our device storage has limited storage, may be lost or broken up and thus losing all our data making it a temporary storage device.

Flickr Photos Storage

Flickr is both a cloud web-based storage service provider and social media platform that allows its users to store their photos and video content. With Flickr, you can upload, store, and share your photo and video content to the public and get feedback on the quality of your work. Besides, Flickr users can follow your activity, or you may prefer making your photo and video content a private storage site. Nonetheless, we have ranked Flickr among the best cloud storage option because of the following aspects:

Flickr Photos – Easy to Navigate UI

The Flickr user interface is very easy to navigate which makes it even for novice users and amateur photographers. You can upload your media files straightforwardly using the upload button located at the top right corner of the dashboard and access other users’ media via the Photostream tab. If you like you can upload Flickr Photos directly from within Apple Aperture and Adobe Lightroom. Flickr offers an advanced organizer for organizing your media files into galleries and albums and sharing them with your public profile. With the organizer, you can also edit dates, add tags and change permissions.

If you want to access your media file quickly, use the search feature bar. In fact, the search feature is incorporated with image intelligence that lets you find your media files with more accuracy, and it can filter based on your search aspects.

Flickr Uploadr and Aviary Editor

The Flickr Uploadr is an application available for Flickr Pro subscribers which allows them to automatically upload and create a backup for their media files {Photo and video content}. This application can be used on any device and can automatically sync with any third-party platforms like Dropbox, iPhoto, Apple Aperture, Adobe Lightroom, and more. Due to this, you can share your media files with your friends, family, Flickr members, and other social platforms.

Besides Uploadr, Flickr has also integrated the Aviary photo editor button in its service for photo editing functionalities. With the Aviary editing button, you can auto-fix quality issues with your image file as well as cropping, leveling, and select descent effects. Nevertheless, it does not require the Adobe Flash plugin, unlike most web-based photo editors do.

Flickr Photos Media File Support

Flickr Photos service offers the ability to view full-size, full-resolution photos, along with metadata and tagging like Instagram, and upload HD video clips. However, it offers limited image support because it supports only three formats: JPEG, PNG, and GIF. If you upload any other format Flickr will convert it into JPEG. But it can support all formats of videos including MP4, AVI, WMV, MOV, MPEG, 3GP, M2TS, as well as the newer formats OGG and OGV. Videos streaming is also limited to the first 3 minutes. Therefore, if you want to upload file formats that are not supported by Flickr, it would be helpful to look for a more advanced tool that can support numerous file formats.

Flickr Photos the Community

Aside from storing media files, you can also automatically share your media profile and connect your Flickr account to Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. This allows you to connect with your fellow Flickr users enthusiasts through groups, contacts, and even mail them to communicate with them. The community groups are also formed focused or based on a span of topics or activities from nature, outfit design, geography to travel. However, if you don’t want to share your photos with the public you can restrict who can download your media files or use personalized account links to associate your main page with a memorable web address.

Flickr Photos Unlimited Storage

After signing up for a Flickr account, you can upload up to 1000 photos and videos. However, photo files are limited to 200 MB, while video files are limited to 1GB. But if you play around with Flickr file limits you can manage to store out 1 TB of photo files in your Flickr fee account. Hence, once you reach the maximum number of your free storage limit, get a Flickr Pro package and enjoy an unlimited storage plan. The other reason you should opt for the Flickr Pro package is that it doesn’t contain ads, unlike the free account which pops up ads every time you use it.

Flickr Photos Advanced Statistics

Since Flickr is a social media platform, it has incorporated an advanced statistics feature. If you want to access the statistics portal, log in to your account, navigate to the Statistics tab and open it to explore. This feature is designed to help Flickr Pro users to access detailed statistics about how their audience reviews the content they share with the Flickr audience. The stats will provide you with how many times your media file was viewed in two months and can show you if the traffic is either from Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, or Tumblr.

Flickr Photos – Security and Privacy

Since Flickr is a commercial web-cloud storage platform, there is no need to worry about security and privacy because fidelity is their priority. Flickr still relies on Yahoo infrastructure for security support as it employs SSL/TLS to shield the media file URL while securing its tunnels by using higher AES encryption/128-bit encryption. Besides, it also offers “All Rights Reserved “copyright licenses to all media files for permission before sharing anyone’s media files. However, your security and privacy are guaranteed you if specify a range of privacy settings to secure your account and media files depending on your privacy preference. Hence, without specifying your security and privacy setting anyone can download, share and find your media files.

Flickr Photos – Customer Support

When it comes to customer support, Flickr is excellent as it provides a quick response for Pro users whereas free members get a response within 24 hours. The Flickr help center offers knowledgeable customer support while Pro users can communicate directly with Flickr representatives via a contact form. If you are using a free account, you can post questions on Flickr’s community forum to get immediate response from the Flickr members. There are also FAQ sections with common questions concerning accounts and how to use the Flickr Photos service.

Flickr Photos Storage Plans

Flickr Photos service offers a free account and premium account. A free account also comes with privileges like:

  • You can upload and store up to 1000 photos.
  • Limited to store video files up to 1GB per video.
  • Unlimited download and bandwidth limit.
  • You can access the comment section.
  • Flickr ads

However, if you opt for the Flickr Pro plan you will enjoy unlimited service at $9 per month and 79.00 per year. With the Pro plan you will get:

  • Unlimited Photo and video storage.
  • Unlimited download and bandwidth.
  • Access the comment section and advanced statistics button.
  • To upload videos and photos without Flickr ads.
  • Access the Flickr Uploadr application.
  • You can access Flickr help desk contact for emergency support.

Flickr Photos Storage FAQ

Is Flickr Photos Storage unlimited?

Flicker photo storage is unlimited to Flickr Pro account users but is limited to free account users who are only allowed to upload up to 1000 photos.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes, you can cancel your Flickr Pro subscription anytime you want, and it will remain active for the rest of the cycling billing cycle. However, refunds and billing won’t be issued for the partial billing period. To cancel your subscription learn visit your account setting or learn more>

Can I use Flickr Pro to promote my photography business?

You can promote your photography business using your Flickr Pro account by linking it directly via a shopping cart, checkout page, or pricing pages on other sites. You can also list prices for your images under your photo’s descriptions. For more information>

Flickr Photos the Conclusion

Flickr Photos service is budget-friendly, simple, and comes with advanced tools compared to other cloud storage sites. In fact, it gives users the ability to access the community and share their media files with Flickr users and other social media platforms. Nonetheless, if you want to enjoy a free cloud storage account then Flickr is your best choice.

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