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Fujifilm X-H2S Autofocus Deep Dive

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The Fujifilm X-H2S is one of the most buzzworthy cameras of 2022, and for good reason.

With the release of the X-H2S, Fujifilm has introduced not only a new flagship, but a new line of cameras designed to appeal to the ever-increasing hybrid shooter market. Additionally, the X-H2S replaces the X-H1, which received many mixed reviews when released four years ago. As with every new camera, YouTube was inundated with a flood of reviews, many of which I watched in order to learn more about Fuji’s new flagship, especially regarding the autofocus performance, which is where the company has lagged behind other brands in recent years). The more reviews I watched, however, the more confused I became, because the autofocus was highly praised in some reviews and greatly criticized in others. At this point, I decided to take matters into my own hands and borrow an X-H2S in order to see for myself how good the camera really is. Over the course of a week, I put the camera through its paces and tested the still and video autofocus with my most difficult subjects, my kids. After that, I tested the video autofocus in my studio in a sort of talking head format, because I have found that the X-T4 struggled in this area. I also used the camera to record the review itself and included a lot of photos, video clips, and EVF screen captures too, because I wanted to be as thorough as possible. Keep in mind that I reviewed the autofocus as a portrait photographer, not as a sports or nature photographer, but in either case, I was very surprised by the results. I hope you enjoy my review.

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