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Go and read Craig’s last post on Canon Rumors

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Craig is done with Canon Rumors:

“I have over the years had to deal with blowback from things said on OTHER websites and on YouTube channels. Yesterday was the tipping point. There are so many liars, grifters, and generally awful people polluting this niche little industry.

I remember the days when it was just 3 or 4 of us, we all talked and supported each other. Then the copycats came, then social media, then YouTube, I’m terrified about what comes next. Those original folks I still talk to, to this day. They’re genuine and wonderful people. You know who you are and I will obviously reach out in person.”

I’ve known Graig since the very early days of NikonRumors – I am talking about early 2008…. 14 years ago… and he is one of the most honest and helpful people I have met online. I have asked him for advice and help many times and was never left hanging. I can see how the latest ignorant behavior of certain websites (you all know who they are) and YouTube channels (you also know who they are) pushed him over the edge to the point that he is now selling CanonRumors. It is sad to see one of the few good people in this business leave. I hope this will send a clear message to all of those online outlets that make a living out of the hard work of other people… you know who you are.

I wish Graig all the best in his future endeavor. Nikon cameras are still better than Canon:)

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