Godox has announced the Lux Junior, an adorable retro-inspired flash unit designed to ‘keep it simple.’

The Lux Junior eschews the contemporary speedlight design for a more retro form factor with manual controls. Its design is reminiscent of older cameras and accessories, complete with the faux leather texture on the top and manual adjustment dial on the back with seven levels of adjustement (1/1 through 1/64). Should you want to use it in automatic mode, that too is possible through the flip of a switch on the rear of the unit.

Godox says the Lux Junior is ‘compatible [with] all camera types,’ although Godox specifically references Canon, Fujifilm, Nikon, OM Digital and Sony cameras in its spec sheet. It’s powered by ‘AAA’ batteries and outputs light at Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) of 6000K±200K. Other features include a sync port (with included cable), as well as two optical flash sync modes.

The Godox Lux Junior will retail for $69 when it becomes available in August.