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How Brands Buy Reviews Without Money

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The people and websites that sell the most products make the most money, but at what cost? is now over 12 years old, and I’ve learned a lot about marketing throughout the years. I’ve been given tons of free gear, I’ve been given early access to exciting products, and I’ve been paid to promote products directly. Sometimes, I love these products and promoting them is easy, but sometimes, they aren’t perfect, and although I want to be unbiased, money does play a role.

If I say I don’t like a product, will I lose affiliate sales? Will they give me another free product in the future? Will I lose my early access? Will they stop advertising completely? 

I’m certainly not perfect, and I’ve sold sponsored content for products I don’t really love, but I’ve also been tempted to push products in the hopes of making connections or getting perks later down the road. I don’t think anything is broken or that advertisers or marketers are doing anything wrong; it’s just the way the world works. I was just talking to Patrick about it and thought: “this could be an interesting video. Let’s film it.” Check the video above for our full thoughts. 

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