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How To Shoot Outdoor Portraits at Noon

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Why would you even consider shooting under the hard and harsh light of midday? Here are some reasons that you should consider it and how you can pull it off. 

Shooting portraits during noon or midday is generally avoided by many photographers. Most photographers, if feasible, would choose to shoot during a time with generally softer ambient light from the sun because of the quality of light and the overall environment. The main reason is because the overhead light often casts unwanted shadows that turn out to be unflattering for your subject, while the secondary reason is because shooting outdoors during this time would mean having to deal with the heat. However, there are some advantages to doing so if you know how to compensate for the light. 

In this video from portrait and lighting expert Jiggie Alejandrino, he talks about the advantages of shooting under the midday sun and how it can affect your images. He, of course, shows how he uses of camera flash and his choice of modifiers to match the ambient light and make it look as natural as possible. These tips can have crucial applications to shooting portraits outdoors and shooting wedding and events with unfavorable lighting conditions.

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