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I’m Switching To Mac After a Lifetime of Windows

For my entire life, I’ve been not only a Windows user but a MacOS hater. I’ve loved Mac hardware but I could never get past the annoying limitations of their software. All of that changed when I bought the new M1 MacBook Pro

The M1 MacBook Pro is the first laptop I’ve ever used that actually feels like it can do everything. It’s the best laptop I’ve ever owned by far, but it’s also the first laptop that feels like it can truly be a desktop replacement. In my office, I have it connected to a ton of peripherals and dual 4k monitors with a single Thunderbolt cable via the Sandisk Pro Dock 4. Although I’ve dealt with years of unreliable thunderbolt docks and dongles, this one actually works reliably. 

No matter how many applications and web browsers I open, the laptop does not slow down. I can’t notice any significant difference in performance compared to my top-of-the-line Windows PC, and shockingly, when it’s under load, it’s actually quieter than my desktop as well. Almost all of the applications that I’m used to on my PC work the exact same on the Mac. 

As expected, the hardest part about moving over to a Mac was getting used to the operating system, but the laptop was so compelling as a machine that I wanted to like it, and I was willing to put up with the frustration to learn the software. Some aspects of MacOS are infuriating to me, and there are certain things that Windows clearly does better, but the conveniences of this machine easily outweigh the annoyances for me. 

In the past, I had to build a massive custom computer to get the performance I needed, but now that I can get similar performance from a quiet, small laptop, desktops feel a bit silly. Having a gigantic, heat-producing box with RGB lights and multiple spinning fans next to my desk feels archaic to me now.

In the past, it felt like Windows desktops were miles ahead of Macs, but now, with Apple’s new in-house chips, it feels like Apple has made a giant leap forward. If you’re a lifetime Windows user like me, it may be worth giving Macs one more chance. 

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