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Is the Nikon Z 9 the Best Video Camera on the Market Right Now?

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Nikon has set the bar pretty high with the introduction of its new Z 9. As 2022 gets underway, is this the currently best hybrid video camera that money can buy?

If you want to geek out on the details of what the Z 9 offers, check out this review from Gerald Undone as he picks through formats, autofocus performance, dynamic range, compression, and bit rates. Nikon has long been regarded as lagging behind the likes of Sony and Canon when it comes to video but the arrival of the Z 9 has changed this completely. Arguably, the Z 9 outperforms its rivals on multiple fronts and many Nikon fans will be keen to see this technology trickle down as future versions of non-flagship cameras come onto the market.

For those waiting for their Z 9, there’s good news as Nikon Rumors has reported that B&H Photo is preparing to dispatch orders to those who are not members of Nikon Professional Services (NPS). Those who pre-ordered on 28 October 2021 will be first in line and a few customers have mentioned in the comments that their orders have been updated and are expected to arrive shortly. Others will have to be patient, particularly buyers outside of the U.S.

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