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Is There Any Point to Keeping Photography ‘Secrets’?

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Photographers can sometimes be a secretive, closed-off bunch, unwilling or even afraid to share information with each other. Is that the right way to approach things, or should we reconsider our relationships? This great video essay discusses photographer culture and how we can make things better. 

Coming to you from The Monochrome Memoirs, this excellent video essay discusses photography culture and the idea of helping each other more. We often lament how the lowered barrier of entry has flooded the market with photographers who undercut traditional prices, and there is absolutely truth to that. On the other hand, I think the video makes a good point: there are a lot of opportunities out there, and among those will be a fair portion who want to pay the premium for a truly dedicated, talented, and experienced professional. If we recognize up and coming photographers who can better our collective by becoming another one of those dedicated professionals, it only serves to strengthen us and make photography a more respected pursuit rather than something in which customers simply for the lowest price. Sharing knowledge helps us to build stronger connections and enjoy our work more. Check out the video above for the full rundown. 

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