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Leaked video reveals the low-light capabilities of DJI’s ‘Mini 3 Pro’ drone

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DJI’s next-generation sub-250g drone, which is expected to be called the Mini 3 Pro according to past leaks, hasn’t even been announced yet and already a YouTuber has managed to get their hands on one to test out the low-light video performance.

In the eight-minute video, first spotted by New Camera, Darren, of DM Productions, takes a DJI Mini 3 Pro on a nighttime shoot to test the low-light performance. At the beginning of the video, Darren says this is a second test shoot performed with what he alleges to be DJI’s ‘Mini 3 Pro’ drone, suggesting he’s already made at least one other video.

The video, which we should not displays a disclaimer as a paid promotion, showcases a collection of ungraded video clips shot with what is rumored to be a 48MP 1/1.3″ CMOS sensor behind a 24mm F1.7 lens. This larger sensor and faster lens should, at least in theory, result in better low-light performance compared to past DJI sub-250g drones and based on what we’re seeing in the video, that certainly appears to be the case. Even without grading, the footage appears to hold onto highlights and capture rich blacks with minimal noise, even when taking into account the compression YouTube applies to uploaded videos.

Darren also takes the time to show off the gimbal pitch of the drone, which he says offers an impressive 60-degrees of tilt for getting shots of tall buildings and expansive landscapes without the need to increase the altitude of the drone.

It remains to be seen what all DJI’s next sub-250g drone will have to offer, but so far it looks promising.

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