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New Low-ISO Black and White Film from Argenti – Docemasuno

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Argenti Film has released a new black and white film called Docemasuno with a box speed of ISO 13. The name of the film was inspired by what Argenti says is a Spanish form of superstition where many avoid saying the number thirteen as Docemasuno translates to “twelve-plus-one”.

But what do superstitions have to do with film?

Argenti says, ‘The film was inspired in this very Spanish form of superstition, but also the superstition to shoot “technical” or “slow” films by many photographers. In fact, we believe that shooting slow films really puts you in the mood and requires you to think through your shots, and in general is a lot of fun, especially for long summer days.’

man resting on stone wall

Image provided by Foto R3, taken on the Canonet QL19

While this film is a native box speed of ISO 13, Argenti mentions it can easily be pushed to ISO 25, but more testing is needed for pushing to ISO 50 and ISO 100.

beach scene in black and white

Image provided by Foto R3, taken on the Canonet QL19

The sample images here of the polyester-base film were provided by Foto R3, an analog photo store and film lab connected with Argenti Films, founded by Mark Ostrowski. They were all shot on a Canon QL19 and pushed to ISO 25.

For those that would aim to process the film at home, the samples here were developed in Suprol for 4 minutes at 25ºC. Foto R3 says, ‘Even with this rather “savage” development, the film shows good tonal range…so we imagine it will really shine with longer development, or even semi-stand development.’

wooden window in stone building

Image provided by Foto R3, taken on the Canonet QL19

The small film producer based in Spain has been making its own line of film since 2003 with small but steady production runs. Their list of current active films include Nanotomic-X, Vario Scale-X, Contrasto 200, Reporter Film Plus 400, and Noa Noa (variable speed B&W emulsion).

hand holding film canister on the beach

Image provided by Foto R3, taken on Canonet QL19

To purchase Docemasuno, you can head over to Foto R3’s webstore here. Foto R3 was founded by Mark in 2005 and is based in Gijón, Spain.

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