It’s not often you have to go digging through the closet to install the latest firmware for a camera you own, but that might well be the case for some Nikon D7100 owners. Nikon has announced a firmware update for the nearly 10-year-old camera that addresses a rather small problem.

It seems rather odd that a nearly decade-old camera is getting an update while more recent cameras sit around without any updates, but it never hurts to see any company fix issues on their older cameras, as obscure as the issue may be. Firmware version 1.05 for the Nikon D7100 fixes an issue where the live view would stop roughly 10 minutes after being started in Nikon’s Camera Control Pro 2 software when the [No limit] setting is selected in the Custom Setting C4 menu.

Nikon did recently update its suite of desktop apps, so it’s possible this issue was discovered then and was found to be a rather trivial fix. Or, maybe a Nikon engineer owned a D7100 that they really wanted to get working again for their specific use case. Whatever the reason, we’ll welcome firmware updates regardless of how old the cameras are.

If you’d like to download firmware version 1.05 for the Nikon D7100, you can do so on Nikon’s Download Center page.