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Surprising Results Shooting Raw and Converting in Camera Versus in Photoshop

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In this informative video from Pal2Tech, Chris Lee demonstrates how to convert raw files to TIFFs or JPEGs right in the camera. The results are both interesting and quite surprising when the images are uploaded and compared.

Converting raw files in-camera is a rather simple process, and probably a feature that many of us do not use (myself included). After watching this video and seeing the differences in the results, I am definitely going to start experimenting with converting files in my X-T4.

When zoomed in to “pixel peeping” mode, there is a definite difference between the raw versus the TIFF that was processed in-camera. Even more fascinating is when Lee compares the in-camera TIFF to a TIFF converted in Photoshop, using the same file. It is an excellent reminder that all of these variables can have an impact on the look of the final image.

After the photography tutorial, Lee changes gears and provides another valuable lesson, this time on the importance of family, photography, and the plusses and minuses of being a perfectionist. The struggle he describes in trying to take a family portrait is one of the most relatable stories for us as fellow photographers

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