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The Battle of Sony Stabilization: IBIS Versus EIS Versus Gimbal

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Unless you’re filming horror, shaky footage is almost always highly undesirable. Now, however, you have lots of ways you can create dynamic shots and keep the visuals steady, so which is the best one?

When it comes to photography, the humble tripod serves its purpose well unless you need to be handheld, and then IBIS (In-Body Image Stabilization) takes over. But, what about video? How does IBIS hold up and can it compare to gimbals and the new EIS (Electronic Image Stabilization) technology? Arthur R takes a look.

One area of photography that has been particularly fast-moving when it comes to improvements is stabilization. While IBIS and EIS systems are now better than ever, the number of camera bodies and the prices of those bodies are lower and more attainable too. Similarly, gimbals have gone from being high-end cinema equipment to something you can buy for $100 for your mobile phone. And they’re far from cheap rubbish. Last year I reviewed a Zhiyun mobile phone gimbal and was thoroughly impressed!

In this video, Arthur R compares IBIS, EIS, and a gimbal for video stabilization and there are a few surprising results! The biggest takeaway for me is that EIS will surely be commonplace in Sony cameras over the next 5 years.

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