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The Canon EOS R3 Can Now Shoot an Incredible 195 FPS

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The Canon EOS R3 was no slouch to begin with, with the ability to shoot 30 fps continuous bursts. With a new firmware update, however, Canon is blowing the doors off that speed with a new firmware update that allows the EOS R3 to shoot at a whopping 195 fps. 

EOS R3 firmware 1.2.0 was recently announced, and it brings with it a range of massive improvements:

  • New custom high-speed continuous mode that allows photographer to shoot between 2 and 50 images at frame rates between 30 and 195 fps. This mode works in both raw and JPEG, though exposure and autofocus must be locked. This is great for a variety of situations, such as horses jumping or baseball players batting. 
  • New 240p Full HD video mode.
  • New time-lapse mode.
  • New focus stacking mode that also works with the Canon Speedlite EL-1 and in-camera “depth compositing.”
  • Enhanced digital image stabilization in movie mode.
  • New ability to crop and resize images during FTP transfer.

Altogether, firmware 1.2.0 looks like a major step forward for a camera that was already near the front of the pack in capabilities. These are just the headline features; check out Canon’s site for the full rundown and download link, and let us know if you’ve given it a try!  

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