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The Good and Bad About Nikon Cameras and Lenses

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Though it seemed doomed to linger behind Canon and Sony for a while, Nikon has made some serious steps forward in the mirrorless realm in the last year or so, and it seems full frame is a three-horse race once again. So, where does the company stand right now? This interesting video discusses the good and bad of Nikon’s camera and lens lineup at the moment.

Coming to you from DPReview TV, this insightful video discusses the good and bad of Nikon’s current position. No doubt, quite a few people felt Nikon had fallen behind Sony and Canon after camera releases like the Sony a9 and a1 and the Canon EOS R5 and R3, but the release of the Nikon Z 9 really brought the company back into the thick of things. Meanwhile, Canon went pedal to the metal with mirrorless lenses, releasing showstoppers like the RF 28-70mm f/2 L USM, while Nikon took a more pragmatic approach, choosing to release mostly f/1.8 primes and similar options, and though they have begun to expand that library more recently, it still needs some options filled out for sure. Nonetheless, it seems like the company is building a very respectable professional mirrorless line. Check out the video above for the full rundown. 

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