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The Ricoh GRIII X: The Best Travel Camera Out There?

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When you want to travel light but still have a quality camera in hand, you often have to make some difficult decisions and settle for regrettable compromises. But what if a light, pocketable camera solved many of those problems?

From the start of August until a couple of days ago, I was back in Australia. It was my first time home in three years because of the pandemic, and I had so much to get through with family and friends. It was also my first time in Australia with two daughters who had graduated from sleeping in strollers to running around like lions in the Serengeti. Because of those circumstances, I opted against taking any camera gear at all, as much as it hurt me to do so. It was also due to the fact that I don’t own anything other than DSLRs and mirrorless cameras that require interchangeable lenses.

Which brings us to this great video by James Popsys, in which he introduces the Ricoh GR III X. In his review of this Ricoh travel camera, Popsys discusses his desire for a camera that he can easily carry around with him everywhere he goes and easily fit in his pocket when he’s not using it. That’s the criteria he uses for a true travel camera and goes back to why I didn’t take any of my cameras, as they were just too bulky to deal with when you’re picking up and putting down two young girls all day long. Popsys also discusses reasons why he prefers the Ricoh GR III X to the Fuji X100 and the Sony a7C and most importantly, why he doesn’t just use his phone. Give the video a watch and let me know what your favorite travel camera is. 

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