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The Whole Roll – 24 exp. HP5+, Minolta x-700, Minolta MD 50mm f/1.7 – By Robert Kapp

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I desided to write an “Whole Roll” Post. Why? Because my wife allowed it. She’s almost on every roll of film I shoot so I of course need her permission to publish those photos. I often load my camera (this time the x-700) at the breakfast table and I reserve the first few frames for my daughter and wife, although I often struggle with their resistance.

So, in the Summer of 21 I bought my first SLR. A Minolta x-300 with a MD 50mm f/1.7. Despite being not a Rokkor Version it is awesome. Finding focus is easy with this lens. Somewhat later I added a Minolta x-700  to the collection. I found it on ebay for 30€ aaaaand I couldn’t resist. The camera was in pretty neat condition and was basically ready to go. Even the light seals looked fairly nice. A Tokina 28mm – 70mm Zoom lens was included… all in all it was quite a steal.

The Camera – Minolta x-700

I will just tell you some key facts about this camera. The Minolta x-700 is an aperture priority, lightweight camera made of plastic. Nevertheless, it feels of high quality. The camera fits comfortably in your hand. Reasons for that are the “leather” or “leatherette” which feels quite nice. There’s a grip on the front and a grip on the backdoor where your thump will automatically find its place. Shutter speeds go from Bulb and 1/1 up to 1/1000 of a second. You can set the ISO up to 1600 and may choose -2 to +2 stops exposure compensation. For example set the ISO to 1600 and set exposure compensation to -1 to reach an effective ISO of 3200.

Though you have a on/off switch the light metering will only start if you place your finger on the shutter release button. You don’t have to half press it. Just lay down your trigger finger gently on the button. Alternatively you can press the exposure lock button to see the recommended shutter speed.

Another great thing with the x-700 and also the x-300 is the AE-Lock Button. It’s perfectly placed on the front of the camera as a “vertical” switch/button combination. If  you pull it up (switch), you activate the self timer. If you push it down (button), you activate AE-Lock. You intuitively use your middle finger to do that.

Short Detour

What i don’t understand is why Minolta did the following: On the x-300, in auto mode, the suggested shutter speed is indicated by a continuously glowing LED in the viewfinder. If you now switch to Manual Mode by turning the wheel to let’s say 125th of a second, this shutter speed is indicated with a blinking LED in the viewfinder. So the suggested speed is glowing and your chosen speed is blinking. Nice thing this is! The x-700 does not have this feature. if you look thru your viewfinder you will see the suggested Shutter speed. No matter what manual shutter speed you choose. At least there is a glowing “M”, telling you, you’re in Manual Mode. So you always have to take the camera from your eyes and check the shutter speed. That’s a bit silly, but not a problem… I think?

The Lens

I’m using  MD-III Version of the lens. I’m totally satisfied with the results. I have two fifty-ish Minolta Lenses. The MC 58mm f/1.4, which I’m more likely to use when I need a super nice and dreamy bokeh and soft colors (See some Photos on 35mmc here) and the MD 50mm f/1.7 which gives me some more saturated colors and more contrast. This is just my opinion.

If you want some detailed information of the lens and more of a experts view, you are welcome to visit: (note: this is an ‘not secure’ website, so your browser might not like it)

The Subject

We went to our favourite shoe store for kids because my daughter needed some new kicks. In the neighbourhood, theres the ecumenical church “Maria Magdalena” build in the “brutalist architecture style”. In this style of architecture there are a lot of sharp edges, geometric shapes and non painted concrete. Together with a lot of glass this church got a clean and modern look which I absolutely adore.

The Photos

This Roll does not feature any photos of the church itself but of some details. But I will add some older shots that I made, so you can make up your own mind about the look of the building.

My wife in our home

My wife in our home

Some flowers standing behind a window

Those flowers made a perfect contrast to the concrete, glass and monochrome color palette of the building. This works also in B&W.

A Tennis ball laying in front of a bench

I liked the reflection of this tennis ball in the steel surface of the bench. Tourned out boring :D.

Door in concrete wall looking like a whole

The doors are hiding inside of this openings in the wall. Quite secretive.

Door in concrete wall looking like a whole

Lower Angle of the door. I wanted it to look bigger and more “mysterious” I think

R1 07898 0005

Some plant climbs over a pergola

My Wife standing on a Bench

My wife standing on a wall.

Big Window on the church

Part of the very big glass front of the church. I like this shot.

Wall of glass

This building is actually a sports hall overgrown with grass besides of the church. I liked the glass

windows on the wall of a church

I don’t like the angle of this photo. a ladder would have been helpful

another picutre of windows

another try. same thing. Maybe I should have focused more on a single window.

An edge of the wall

I walked close to the building to take a photo steeply upwards.

Wall of the church with some windows

Same technique. I quite like the results.

Wall of the church with some windows

Then again with a slightly changed composition. I like this one. The depth of field is maybe too shollow.

A whole in the concrete

This kind of gradient looks pretty cool but is actually a camera fault i think. Eventually there is something wrong with the shutter curtain.

Another door in the wall.

Another shot of a door recessed into the wall.

circles on the ground

Some weirdly good looking circles on the ground in front of the church.

circles on the ground

Another shot of the circles. I like this one.


Some stairs. The Photo didn’t work out as planned 

R1 07898 0018

The rolling grill of a store. I like this one.

A lamp in a bakery

I like how the light casts this pattern. But i have to practice “on the angle”.

sports equipment outside

There was a kind of a trim trail in the park besides the church. Out of focus.

Another fitness device.

Another fitness device. It was a disc that you hold on to and then have to turn it 360 degrees. Just like yourself to do this :).
For me one of the better shots of the roll. I love the tones, the drops on the steel and the motive.

My daughter holding a balloon

My daughter with a balloon she received from the shoe shop as a thank you for the purchase. Nice Photo.

Additional Shots

Another Roll of HP5 shot in last summer.

Exterior view of the church

Exterior view of the church.

Exterior view of the church with the big glass front

Exterior view of the church with the big glass front, letting in a lot of light.

A Cross on the church

A Large Cross

Entrance of the church. In front of it is a chair with the word

Entrance of the church.

I have to say that buying a 24 exposure roll was an oversight, but the number of images was quite enough, in fact it was pleasantly sufficient.

Thanks for reading guys! If you want to see more of my pictures, please visit my instagram at finding_the_view

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