What Can Social Media Do For You? Let’s Talk About It.

Algorithms and platform features may have changed over the years but one thing remains the same: social media is a great way to meet other photographers and find support.    

On Wednesday, May 18th at 12pm ET, we’re hosting an interactive talk on Twitter all about fostering community on social media. Alongside Polly Irungu, founder of Black Women Photographers, and Brayden Williams, photographer and videographer at Purdue University, we’ll be discussing how finding your place on social media can lead to connection, job opportunities and creative new ideas. 

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Join to discuss: 

  • Ways you can use social media to achieve personal and professional goals
  • How to find your community on platforms like Twitter and Instagram
  • The impact of community on mental health 

Register today and tune in on Twitter to ask questions and add your experience to this exciting conversation.

About our guests

polly headshot

Polly Irungu is a multimedia journalist and the founder of Black Women Photographers, a global community and directory of 1000+ Black women and non-binary photographers that launched in July 2020.

As a self-taught photographer, writer, and founder, Polly’s work has been published in numerous publications, including Adobe’s Create Magazine, The New York Times, Reuters, Global Citizen, NPR, BBC News, Refinery29, The Washington Post, BuzzFeed News, CNN, and others.

brayden headshot

Brayden Williams is a photographer and videographer at Purdue for Life Foundation. On Twitter he is known as Brayden Creations.

During college, Brayden took an interest in online communities and the process of creating meaningful online interactions. “From there I saw the potential Twitter held for photographers and creatives alike, so I began creating simple photography threads that encouraged others to share their work for me to retweet. Because of these Twitter threads, I have met some of the most awesome and creative people from around the world and I have experienced unique visual stories through their images! I lead by the idea that anyone with any camera can be a photographer and no one in this community will ever be excluded because of their equipment or skill!,” he says.

We hope to see you on March 18th at 12pm ET on Twitter!

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