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What Is a Leica M Camera Good For?

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As a film photography enthusiast, I am a firm believer that gear is a long way down the list of important factors in image-making.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s obviously a vast difference in the quality of image you will get from a film camera that will mount great lenses, meter accurately, and shoot reliably, versus something like a Kodak disposable. I just don’t believe anyone necessarily needs to pay more than a few hundred dollars to access equipment that produces results comparable to those very high-end gear will also achieve.

In this video, Hashem of the channel Pushing Film shares with us a very objective and balanced assessment of the reasons someone may or may not want to invest significantly in the Leica M system over less expensive options. The insight offered here is an absolute must for anyone who has ever thought about purchasing a Leica, and let’s be honest, we have all had that thought once or twice in our photography journey. Hashem is a pillar of the film photography community and boasts an incredible library of videos, including tutorials, interviews, photobook reviews, and livestreams. Be sure to check out this video and channel for more Leica action on the streets of Melbourne, Australia. 

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