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Canon EOS R5

Canon EOS R5 8K Quality Video Recording

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Canon EOS R5 announced July 9, 2020 a first in a Canon camera, the EOS R5 offers revolutionary 8K quality video recording, which is available for the first time in a Canon camera. This flagship model, the EOS R5, features all-new Animal Detection AF as well as powerful In-Body Image Stabilization that can achieve up to 8 stops of stabilization for edge-to-edge high-quality images and video made possible by the RF mount. Experience the best of Canon’s full-frame mirrorless series with this flagship model — the EOS R5.

Watch Canon EOS R5 – Designed for Visionaries YouTube video (Introduction Movie)

45MP CMOS Sensor & DIGIC X

All RF lenses are compatible with this camera’s 45 megapixel full-frame CMOS sensor and high-quality photographs may be taken with the EOS R5.

With the newest DIGIC X image processor, the EOS R5 is able to handle high-speed photography, 8K video, and other amazing accomplishments with ease.

Canon EOS R5
Canon EOS R5 Body

Up to 20 FPS Burst Shooting

The burst shooting capabilities of up to 20 fps allow you to capture desired and unexpected moments. All of your images will be clear and focused thanks to AF/AE tracking.

Weddings, athletic events, and animals may all benefit from the quiet shutter.

HDR PQ HEIF 10-Bit Recording

Without the need for post-processing, capture photographs with more color and tone information than normal JPEG.

Compatible monitors and HDR-compatible printers can show and print HEIF files. Digital Photo Professional, whether on the camera or on another device, makes it simple to convert these images to a JPEG format that looks like HDR-PQ.

Canon EOS R5 – Fast & Precise Autofocus (AF)

Dual Pixel CMOS AF II

The new Dual Pixel CMOS AF II improves autofocus performance by locking focus fast and accurately.

There has been an increase in the area covered by the autofocus system.

With up to 5,940 manually selectable AF points, and up to 1,053 AF frame segments in the AF auto-area selection settings, this allows for additional freedom in picture composition.

Eye, Face & Head Detection

Like the EOS-1D X Mark III, the EOS R5 uses powerful algorithms to recognize and follow a person’s eye, face, or head even when the subject is far away or looking away from a camera.

Animal Detection AF

With the EOS R5’s ability to recognize and follow the eyes, faces, and bodies of cats, dogs, and even birds, taking images of nature or your pet has never been simpler.

Outstanding Low-light Performance

Excellent low-light performance is a trademark of the Canon RF system, and the EOS R5 continues this tradition with an ISO range of 100 to 51200 (extendable to 50-102,400) and low luminance AF sensitivities as low as +6EV.

Canon EOS R5 – Unparalleled Movie Recording Performance

Canon EOS R5 Rear
Canon EOS R5 Rear

8K Video

In a first for 8K RAW/DCI, you can now record movies without cropping utilizing the complete sensor width.

With four times as many pixels as 4K recordings, not only do you receive more realistic and lifelike footage, but you also have more creative freedom in editing your videos, such as the ability to pan, zoom, and crop without reducing quality.

8K Frame Grab

An 8K DCI video recorded at 30p is similar to conducting continuous shooting at 30 frames per second, thus you can capture a high-quality still picture with a resolution of around 35.4MP.

4K High Frame Rate Video

With 120p/100p (NTSC/PAL) high frame rate movies in breathtaking 4K DCI/UHD quality, you can relive each exciting moment in slow motion.

Canon Log

Canon Log, a fundamental component of the Cinema EOS System, allows you to shoot up to 12 stops of dynamic range in your movie film.

Post-processing can now better handle shadows, highlights, and color saturation, resulting in richer, more detailed video even in scenarios with a lot of contrast.


Achieve realistic photos without the need for color grading and simplify the post-production process with improved brightness and a broader range of color and contrast gradation.

HDR PQ video may be watched on devices that support HDR PQ.

Zebra Display

Zebra Display, a striped pattern overlay over overexposed portions when seen via the electronic viewfinder (EVF) or Vari-angle LCD screen, gives you greater control over exposure and highlights while shooting movies.

Additional heat management information

The maximum recording time before the camera overheats is 20 minutes at 8K (RAW, DCI, or UHD) video quality.

The maximum recording period before the camera overheats is 35 minutes at 4K 60fps (DCI, UHD) video quality.

The preceding is based on the camera recording from a chilly start and an ambient temperature of 23°C. The length of the recording may be reduced if the camera’s or the surrounding environment’s temperature rises.


Canon EOS R5 Powerful Image Stabilisation

In-Body Image Stabilizer X Optical Image Stabilizer

Even with a reduced shutter speed, the EOS R5’s innovative 5-axis In-Body Picture Stabilizer corrects image blur caused by camera shaking.

Optical Image Stabilizer in the lens also works in parallel with this, providing stability comparable to shooting at a shutter speed of up to 8 stops* quicker, allowing for greater low-light handheld shooting, super-telephoto and long exposure photography.

Canon EOS R5 – Movie digital IS

With the addition of Movie digital IS, the camera’s stability is further enhanced to eliminate blurry and unstable film, even while shooting while moving or holding the camera in your hands.

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Dual Card Slots

Dual card ports, one for SD cards* and the other for CFexpress (Type B) cards, quadruple your EOS R5’s memory capacity, which is notably useful for 8K recording and high-speed burst photography.

The following cards are supported: *SDHC, *SDXC (UHS-II compatible)

Shutter Durabilit

Continuous shooting at high speeds need a stronger shutter. Canon’s EOS R5 includes a 500,000-cycle shutter mechanism, which means you may take advantage of rapid shooting without fear.

When the computer is turned off, the shutter curtain may be closed to keep dust out. It is also possible to leave it open during power-up in order to avoid any noise, particularly while practicing quiet shooting.

Strong & Durable

In order to keep dust and moisture out of the body, the magnesium alloy body has been reinforced with weather seals, which are located in crucial regions.

Canon EOS R5 has a High Battery Capacity

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Allowing you to shoot more and accomplish more with the EOS R5, the LP-E6NH battery has a higher capacity of 2130mAh.

The BG-R10 battery grip, which holds two battery slots and makes it simpler to hold the camera vertically, is also compatible with the camera.

Improved Ergonomics

The multi-three controller’s AF sensitivity settings make it simple to pick an AF point.

The EOS 5D series’ three dials—one main dial and two quick control dials—find a home on the EOS R5 for the sake of simplicity and speed.

High-Precision EVF

Ultra-telephoto photos benefit from the electronic viewfinder’s bright and crisp images even at f/22’s high resolution resolution of about 5.76 million dots.

119.88 fps display frame rate for quicker reaction time to handle burst shooting is also available.

Canon EOS R5 firmwave v1.5.0 changelog posted, download available soon


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